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1025r deck height?

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Can someone help me out? I have a 2018 1025r and my 60d deck at full height is inches out of level (bottom of deck) (again, at full height). This is after getting it level for my cutting height.

can someone measure their deck on each side and tell me if it’s just me or not?


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Uhhh.... yeah. What Clyde said. It's normal to be an inch or so different at fully raised. Even at different mowing heights the blades can be at different heights than from where it was set at. In other words, if you set the blades at 2.5" and it's perfect, don't expect it to be "level" at say, 4".
The low side looks like a full height and the side with the 6” looks too high. Mine only raises 4” or so
Smoke and mirrors (j/k) 😁
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