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1025r with Mauser cab.
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They do tend to be hidden. I can't recall, but they maybe taped around the split loom, where they exit. Locate the split loom, along the rear of the frame rail, by following the tail lamp wires down to it. They should exit the frame rail split loom and be just an inch or so beyond the end of it.

The photo below depicts where they exit on the left side. I cut off the bullet connectors as well as the tail lamp connectors and replaced them with the 6-circuit Metri-Pack connector depicted in the photo. I have a Cozy Cab in which the tail and work lamps are re-located to. I remove the cab in the summer and I desired a convenient method to disconnect the wiring when doing so as well as a method to close/seal the connector (to protect from corrosion/dirt abrasion) by installing a closure plug. The 2-circuit connector just above the 6-circuit I added I beleive is the harness that serves the fender mounted worklights.

You can tell by Martincom's attention to detail and quality of work, that he did professional wiring installations of 12 volt accessories in emergency vehicles where they have to work every time.......and no wonder you were successful. It's nice to see things done correctly verses what is too often found.
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