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1025R Rear Aux light harness

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Recently purchased a 1025R and adding a ROPS light, The 2 bullet connectors at the bottom rear of the ROPS are purple and black in color, which is positive and which is negative?
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If you are installing the JD halogen work lights it doesn't matter. If you are installing your own LEDs it does matter. You definitely want to verify everything with a meter. When hooking up my LED lights I found on the one side purple was ground and on the other side black was ground. Go figure.
I just went through this about 6 months ago, I believe it is the purple but a test light will get you there.
Not always. One pair of my wires was black/negative and the other pair was purple/negative. The halogen lights didn't care but when I installed LED lights it was a problem. Best advice is to always verify the polarity before making permanent connections.
Black is negative (ground) and purple is positive.
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No... it was the harness. When the one light didn't work I checked the harness with a voltmeter and discovered JD had installed the one branch wire pair backwards. I resoldered the connectors on the lights to match.
I'd be more inclined to believe that one of your LED lamps was mis-wired.
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