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1025R Receiver Hitch Option (Cheap Alternative)

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I was looking at the factory ag hitch provided on the 1025Rs and thought it seemed as though you could fit a generic receiver hitch to the underside of that plate, between the two brackets that it attaches to. After message back and forth with a northern tool rep it seems as though this little gem might fit the bill.

Ultra-Tow Step Bumper Receiver – Class II, 3,500-Lb. GTW, 2in. | Custom Fit| Northern Tool + Equipment

Here are the dimensions the rep gave me:

Mounting Plate: 7-1/4" W, 5" D, 3" H .. not sure if this would limit ground clearance, I assume the front end is probably more limiting.
Bolt Pattern: 5-1/2" C2C-W, 3" C2C-D

I slid around outside trying to measure my ag hitch plate and got 7-1/2"W and looked like there should be plenty of depth. That said I will probably offset the receiver hitch back a bit so the outer most ag hitch hole is still usable.

It would be 7 1/4 inches side to side and 5 inches front to back and 3 inches high. The mounting holes are 4 inches center to center on one set and the other set is 5 1/2 inches center to center.
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The benefit of what I am proposing is that it leaves the ag hitch available for pulling an ag trailer.. without having to tie up a ball less drop hitch. Though if you're like me, you probably have multiple that you bought, lost, and found after having bought a replacement.
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HeavyHitch (a forum sponsor) version:

Not cheaper at all, but seems more usable since the receiver tube is mounted above the plate and not below.
One could opt to mount what I'm proposing above also.. I just don't want to limit my area near the PTO. With the right drop (raise in this case) hitch it really wouldn't matter where the receiver is located.
Can someone post a link or picture of this "JD option"?
If JD offers one, that "wasn't much more" than the NT offering then why are two aftermarket companies making one that's costs considerably more :unknown:
Maybe he's thinking of the ag hitch plate?
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