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1025R Receiver Hitch Option (Cheap Alternative)

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I was looking at the factory ag hitch provided on the 1025Rs and thought it seemed as though you could fit a generic receiver hitch to the underside of that plate, between the two brackets that it attaches to. After message back and forth with a northern tool rep it seems as though this little gem might fit the bill.

Ultra-Tow Step Bumper Receiver – Class II, 3,500-Lb. GTW, 2in. | Custom Fit| Northern Tool + Equipment

Here are the dimensions the rep gave me:

Mounting Plate: 7-1/4" W, 5" D, 3" H .. not sure if this would limit ground clearance, I assume the front end is probably more limiting.
Bolt Pattern: 5-1/2" C2C-W, 3" C2C-D

I slid around outside trying to measure my ag hitch plate and got 7-1/2"W and looked like there should be plenty of depth. That said I will probably offset the receiver hitch back a bit so the outer most ag hitch hole is still usable.

It would be 7 1/4 inches side to side and 5 inches front to back and 3 inches high. The mounting holes are 4 inches center to center on one set and the other set is 5 1/2 inches center to center.
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Do you think there is a big enough difference between the heavy hitch and the OMNI hitch to cause a problem?? the mounting plate looks to be longer than the heavy hitch plate?
I have the Omni hitch. I have not had any problem with it. No problem hooking up the PTO & it handles heavy loads fine.

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