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Here are the only error codes that are listed in the Technical Service Manual.

SHIFt to NEut--------------Neutral Switch OFF
SHUt Pto OFF--------------PTO ON
Pull CoiL FAult-------------Coil Open or Short to Ground
StArt CoiL FAUlt------------Starter Coil Open or Short to Ground
EnGInE run-----------------Crank Attempt
RIO_ON=------------------ Mid PTO is disabled
RPEdAL SEnSE-------------Sensor Inputs NC and NO both at 12V or at Ground
PtO CoIL FAULt------------PTO Coil Open or Short to Ground
RIGht Bulb Error-----------Bulb Open
LEFt Bulb Error-------------Bulb Open
EnGIne Error HEAt---------Engine Coolant Above 112C/234F

Unless I am mistaken the only numbers that display in the little window are tractor HOURS and RPM's (that's PTO RPM, not engine RPM). And what looks like a bunch of 8's which comes on for a second when the key is first turned on.
Thanks for the list, I'll put that in the tech library.
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