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1026 attaching dethatcher?

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I just purchased a new 1026R and it is awesome. You see I sold a JD 322 and moved UP in the John Deere World to a 1026. I have a MCS 3pt hyd dump bagger that will work but need to attach the dethatcher.
Does Deere make a front mounting bracket to attach a dethatcher?
This is a great site and my first post. Thank YOU
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i dont think they make them for the compacts, they have rear ones.
Back in the day, about 20 years ago, my father had blades he would put on his mower to dethatch. They looked like this:

I am sure they do not work as well as a dedicated dethatcher, but it would be a cheaper alternative to buying one, or if they do not make one.
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something like this would work good, just put it on the three point hitch and go
also this might work to
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Does the 1026 have the same front "mounting" as say a 740? Maybe a better way of asking is; will what front mount equipment that mounts on the 740 also work for a 1026?
the front ends, as far as i know are different. they accept a different quick hitch. now if you are in for a project and have a front plow you could make one that mounts onto the bottom of the plow (the black piece) you could weld some type of spring or something onto them to act as a front mount thatcher
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Since this is a new tractor for Deere, do you think that they will develop a 'hookup" for thatchers? As for the quick-hitch, is their a "mount" for say older style attachments?
not sure what your asking:unknown:
They should have a front quick tatch for it? It uses the snow blowers? The thatchers don't mount to them?

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