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1026r 260 backhoe with new 16 " bucket

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I told you that I would post a Movie of this rig with the new 16 inch bucket in use. Well I planted 6 8ft white pines this weekend and definitely put it to the test. I was worried that the larger size bucket would be to big for the rock field that have to work with, but as it turns out I think that the larger bucket actually helped me to get the rocks out. Most of the tree holes were not that hard to dig with floater rocks about 100 lbs each in most cases. The last hole however was a different story is was a rock shelf and before I got to the needed 29" inch depth I had taken out about 12 full buckets of rock so it won't get any harder than this hole or I will hire a trakhoe to do the job. The job was completed to my satisfaction and amazement quite frankly.

I recommend the 16 " inch unit if you have lots of volume to remove and it cleans out better than the standard 8 inch bucket which kept plugging up with the moist dirt.


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Smalltown, here are some pics and video of using the Bro-Tek thumb with my JD 990 and JD 8B BH. The bucket on the 8B is 18". The boom lift is almost 900 lbs. One of these rocks was far more than that and I found that if you drag it up close and then use the dipper you can swing it up and then move it. I have rocks all over my property this size. I am impressed what I can move with the 8B. It has an 8.5' reach. some of these rocks I realize I will not be able to move with the BH but hopefully I will be able to move them with the 990 and the 300CX FEL.

This link is just with the Bro-Tek mounted and also a bunch of pictures for changing out the thermostat and the radiator fluid on the 990.
robpm I'm impressed it appears that you curl the bucket to trap the rocks with the thump. Thanks for the picture and the videos. Don't toss that first rock that's flat on both sides that's a keeper. :good2:
Not sure what the boom lift on my #46 is. I have the specs, but they apparently didn't list it. Certainly not as powerful as your 8B.

PS I like the pads on your stabilizers.

Yes you curl the bucket against the thumb and thus you have a forefinger/thumb type pincer action.

Attached are the specs in a word doc from the users manual on your 260 BH. You can find them on the John Deere Website. The boom lift is just under 300 lbs at 285. However with the Bro-Tek and the dipper you can probably do more then that by my experience. I am sure you will love having a BH and what you can do with it. I am liking mine very much and what I can do with it.

By the way it looks like Richard at Bro-Tek is going to do an upgrade to all existing Bro-Tek thumbs where you can get a hydraulic run thumb. this is probably a good year away. It means the end user will have some work to get the hydraulics working but Richard has some good ideas. I can see the advantage of a hydraulic run thumb already and wish I had one. Martian who started posting to this forum and to this thread has a JD 110 TLB and on it he has a hydraulic thumb and a lot more power in that BH than our two BH's combined. That would be nice to have in my place right now.

The pads are like claws. They dig in. I wish that they were articulated but they are fixed. I am thinking about getting the streetpad option from Deere however they have discontinued this option for the 8B. Chris from Artillian gave me a link to a dealer which showed they had them in stock so I will try to buy them from them. This would give me some articulation on ground that I don't want to mark up and you never know when you will need that capability.

By the way, Chris from Artillian, who is on this forum, has some pads that might fit your 260 you can take a look at them here I spoke to him about mine and he would have to make something custom for my 8B BH in order for them to work properly.


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