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1026r 260 backhoe with new 16 " bucket

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I told you that I would post a Movie of this rig with the new 16 inch bucket in use. Well I planted 6 8ft white pines this weekend and definitely put it to the test. I was worried that the larger size bucket would be to big for the rock field that have to work with, but as it turns out I think that the larger bucket actually helped me to get the rocks out. Most of the tree holes were not that hard to dig with floater rocks about 100 lbs each in most cases. The last hole however was a different story is was a rock shelf and before I got to the needed 29" inch depth I had taken out about 12 full buckets of rock so it won't get any harder than this hole or I will hire a trakhoe to do the job. The job was completed to my satisfaction and amazement quite frankly.

I recommend the 16 " inch unit if you have lots of volume to remove and it cleans out better than the standard 8 inch bucket which kept plugging up with the moist dirt.


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Nice video! Looks like I'll have to make a video of the 110 taking up some stumps:):thumbup1gif:

One thing I'm sure liking about this site is all the different smilies:tongue::fed::boredom::lol:
It took some investigating on my part, but you can put any smilie you want in here.

The smilies are much better than TBN's! I still don't understand it all, but I'm having fun playing around with it :thumbup1gif::mocking:

:hijacked::hijacked::hijacked: :lol:
This was ment to be a fun post back at DS & Martian about the smilies. Sorry My typing was a little slower than others and that my post may of came across as "righteous":flag_of_truce:
No offense taken, all fun and games. Enjoying this site for sure though!:good2:
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