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1026R auto connect with mid pto option

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The delivery of the 1026R was delayed until tomorrow as the wrong engine block heater was shipped to the dealership. The correct one will be here today.

The 1026 is being set up with the 60" seven iron deck with the auto connect feature. I also ordered the front quick hitch and the front pto kit that runs the front broom or snow blower. I was visiting the dealership earlier today and we were looking at the auto connect hardware trying to find out what has to be removed to attach that pto shaft that runs to the front of the tractor. The technician who is setting up the unit was a lunch (the noon meal is dinner on the farm) so we couldn't ask him but the hardware looks to be in the way. I don't want to have to remove this if I want to use my sweeper for 10 minutes.

Any 1026R experts who can help me with this?
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I have the 54 inch snowblower and that pto/auto connect apparatus has to be removed to connect the blower---or a broom.
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