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1026R backhoe drops overnight

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Noticed my backhoe dropped overnight. It's not touching the ground but it did drop enough to notice. Is this normal? I'm new to the hydraulic world. Maybe I should use the pins or let the backhoe rest on the ground when not in use. Should make it harder to steal if someone wants to try and dodge some bullets. After reading some other posts on here and in some other areas it looks like this is normal. Thanks
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All that weight will drop a cylinder overnight, but there should be some sore of linkage that holds the backhoe up. Whenever you are not using the backhoe, it should be latched. I noticed I forgot to latch mine the other day and it bled down quite a ways.
Out of my own curiosity, are you guys saying that the 260 hoe doesn't have any of the locking mechanisms? I know on my 110's hoe there is bar that drops to keep the backhoe from floating down, a pin to keep it from traveling side to side and the stabilizers lock into place a clamp like system that they latch into. Doesn't seem very safe to not have them IMO.
There are pins for locking side to side and keeping the mast fully up, but these are meant for transport. You can them for storage, but you still have all the weight on the tires.

There are no locks for the stabilizers.
That makes sense. What I was reading sounded like there wasn't anything, and that was rather shocking. I'm rather crunched on space, though, so I leave it up.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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