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1026R - FEL with 54 Front Blade

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To anyone who has the front snow blade quick hitch on a 1026R along with the front end loader my two questions are:

There appears to be an adapter plate ( a sub-frame of sorts), from the pictures I've seen, that bolts to the front frame to allow the quick hitch to be mounted in order to use the front snow blower or front blade.
Q1 - If there is a permanently bolted sub-frame plate, does it interfere with the parking stand of the front loader?
Q2 - Is there any issues with the FEL brush guard bar of the H120 loader?

I dont mind bolting on the adapter plates once, but I would hate to have to unbolt and remove an adapter plate to switch between the loader and front blade. Obviously the quick hitch must be removed to use the loader, but to my knowledge this involved pulling spring loaded pins to remove the sub frame.

Thanks in advance
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the brush gaurd is no problem w/ the quick hitch mounting. once you install the quick hitch the first time, there is a no tool installation from there on out.

there is not a permanently mounted sub frame. the only frame is the mount plate for the quick hitch. but there is no interference with the parking stand or the grill guard.
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There is a bracket that bolts across the front of the frame. It holds the top cross bar of the quick hitch. It does not interfere with the FEL, but you can't hang any sc weights from the front frame bar. The lower bar of the quick hitch fits into an adapter that is pinned into the tractor frame. This adapter also has a place for two carrier bearings for the front PTO shaft.

As I look at it, they could have integrated all of that together like an x700, but it should do the job. There are so many other nice design features across the rest of tractor that the debacle on the front can slide.

I have suitcase weights, but don't plan on un-bolting the mount so that I can use them.

there wont be a front pto shaft for a plow. so just the quick hitch
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