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1026R MMM Independent Lift?

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After reading the sticky above about 2000 Series MMM independent lifts, I'm confused. :think:

Am considering a 1026R. Is the independent lift for the 60 inch autoconnect deck considered a good addition?

Or would you be about as well off with the mechanical lift that comes as standard equipment?

The tractor will be equipped with the H120 loader as well . . .

Thanks in advance!
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It really depends on what you want to do with your tractor. I like the ability to use my 3 point independently of MMM height adjustment. That being said, 99% of the time I'm using my 3 point, I'll not be using the mower and probably won't have it attached. It's just too easy and quick to configure the tractor to the job at hand, especially if you have a quick hitch. Either lift option leaves you with the ability to lock the deck in the full up position and still have full range of motion with your 3 point hitch.

My tractor came with it as an option the dealer already installed.

If the independent lift came with its own valve, I think it would be a worthwhile option. Otherwise, save your money and use it to buy another implement! :D
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Jason has got it covered. But, I will add that my use for it comes in when it is leaf season. The need to lower the deck and leave the 3pt up is a must as I have the blower mounted to the 3pt.

Here is a thread showing my latest arrangement for this.

If you do not have this requirement, the mechanical lift is just fine. And as Jason noted the removal of the deck is really the best way to go when it is not needed. Particularly if you are doing FEL work. The deck is just in the way and can be easily damaged.
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interesting topic and one I didn't research a lot ahead of my 1026R purchase. I went with the Mechanical Mower Lift option (Code 1000) on my quote becuase the dealer told me I would have to change the hydro lines when I took the mower off which seemed to eliminate the benefit of the auto connect. Please point to the details that explains the difference between the two as I have not picked my tractor up yet and can still change things. thanks
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To disconnect your mower from your tractor if you have the independent lift is no different than mechanical lift. The hydraulics stay with the tractor. You do have to disconnect the lift to connect all 4 of the FEL hoses.
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As you can see, my mower is not attached to the tractor but the hydraulic line to the lift cylinder is.

These pictures show the cylinder underneath the left foot rest. It's behind the spring. The hydraulic hose turns 270 before going to the other side of the tractor then paralleling the loader steel lines. On the right side of my tractor the hose was not secured to anything and was just dangling there. I loosely secured it to the steel hydraulic lines with a zip-tie. It has to be loose enough to move it around to connect and disconnect. (sorry about the quality of the photos. camera phone)

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Clear as mud? :good2:

My plan in the near future is to add a 3rd & 4th SCV. I would like to have the mower lift to be truly independent and use a hydraulic top link on my 3PH. I'm waiting on my tech manual to show up. When I get ready to plan and do this, I'll post a new thread in the hydraulic section.:read
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Diesel, thanks. I probably mixed up the mower vs. FEL in my memory of the discussion with my dealer. When I was going through the JD configuration pages to finalize my features and options and then compare to the deal quote I picked the hydo option for the MMM and the dealer the mechanical. What I do remember clearly was the basic message "save your money" and I stopped researching that topic as it didn't seem like a big deal. Is there someplace to can read more about the differences and pro's/Con's of each?

if i understand correctly, without the hydro option (using the standard mechanical lift), the mower deck will raise and lower based on the same system that raises and lowers the 3 pt hitch? If you go with the Hydro option, then the 3 pt hitch can be separate from the MMM, but you tie up hydro ports for the MMM up and down and would have to disconnect if you attached the FEL?

This is my first "real tractor", have a JD LT180 currently it will go bye bye on trade when I get the 1026R. I have so much to learn.
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There is only 1 line connecting the lift cylinder to the QD's. The lift cylinder is single acting. Hydraulic power to lift (fluid flows into the cylinder) and a spring helps to retract the cylinder and lower the deck. (fluid flows out of cylinder). That's correct that to use the FEL, you have to disconnect the hose for the mower lift cylinder.
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My dealer told me you can leave the FEL on and still have the boom lift circuit connected. But there is no need. I can't think of a scenario that you would want to use the FEL with the mower attached and need to raise and lower the MMM. Personally, I would have either the mower or the FEL on, not both. It's just too easy to reconfigure the tractor for the job at hand. I don't want the weight of the FEL when mowing, and I don't want to damage the MMM when using the FEL.

Still clear as mud?:think:

The other option that was not explained fully to me was the Auto-Connect MMM. This option is just a mid PTO shaft upgrade. The deck is still the same. It is still a drive over deck that is easy to connect and disconnect. The hard part is the PTO shaft. Without the Auto-Connect upgrade, you have to reach up under the tractor and manually connect and disconnect it every time you install or remove the MMM. To me this option is a no-brainer.:beer:
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if i understand correctly, without the hydro option (using the standard mechanical lift), the mower deck will raise and lower based on the same system that raises and lowers the 3 pt hitch?
Sorry, I didn't answer this before. Yes, that is correct.:thumbup1gif:
Thanks the really helps me better understand the difference. I agree with not having the FEL on at the same time as the MMM. Can the hydro lift option be added after delivery or do i need to take it back to dealer?

I did get the auto connect option as that looked very very nice to have. Esp to drop and reattach the mower whenever non-grass cutting fun is going on. My biggest concern is how to move the dropped deck around, clean it and keep the blades sharp given its 300 lb+ weight.
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. . . My biggest concern is how to move the dropped deck around, clean it and keep the blades sharp given its 300 lb+ weight. . .
I have wondered the same thing. The 62D deck on the 2320 has pins suitable for lifting with a chain attached to the toothbar or a hook welded or bolted to the FEL bucket.

Does the 7-iron deck have a provision for lifting the deck with a chain?
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Can the hydro lift option be added after delivery or do i need to take it back to dealer?
It can be added later but at a larger expense. IIRC around $450. In addition to the hydraulics, the lifting linkage is different. Installation? That's your call:unknown:

I can't speak about lifting the deck to clean and sharpen yet, but it does have a water wash port. I've moved my deck around my garage very easily by hand after lowering the deck gauge wheels. I'll probably use the FEL to lift the deck vertical to clean, sharpen etc.
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I originally got my 1026R with the independent lift but switched back to the mechanical. The dealer and Deere were kind enough to let me swap when we figured out how it worked on the 1026R. On the 2305 (and, as I understand, the other 2k tractors) the mechanical lift had to be hooked and unhooked when the 3pt arms came on/off and I was tired of that so I got the hydro lift this time. I also got the 3rd SCV, thinking that I'd use it for the mower and then for other handy things.

The 3rd SCV is fine, but not when combined with the PB and backhoe. It conflicted with the PB QD locations and PB plumbing. In the end the only way to use it would have required me to bungie the SCV to use the backhoe... So that was sent back. There was (and still is to my knowledge) no diverter option actually available, so that left the hose swap that you all have been writing about. It was a pain in the rear.

Additionally the mechanical lift on the 1026R doesn't have to come on/off with the 3pt, making it much easier to work with than previous models. One thing to know about the 3pt, the full range of motion for the mower is within the upper third of the full 3pt range. In practice this means you don't have to worry about dragging a 3pt implement while mowing if you have it on the 3pt. You won't have the 3pt lever below 2/3 of the way up.

All in all... I've had both, and I prefer the mechanical on several counts.
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