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1050 mfwd - front axle lower housing / spindle seal replacement

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The front right spindle on my 1050 had a slow leak, which became a moderate leak, which has turned into this mess:


It's obvious where it's leaking, the seals where the lower spindle attaches to the outer hub:



There doesn't seem to be many threads or videos on Youtube on doing this on these old ironhorse 50 series tractors, and since it's basically the same procedure on a 750, 850, 950 and 1050 front end, I figured I'd share as I go.
There's few things I hate more than nice clean gear oil puking out onto my concrete! It seems like a pretty straightforward job, and I have a IT Clymer shop manual.
Step 1: Block up the front axle and remove wheel. I've found pieces of 6x6 lumber to be about a safe a thing to use as anything.


Step 2: Remove the steering linkage that's attached to the hub (pics to come, but its just 3 bolts to remove)

Step 3: Loosen the 4 bolts that attach the steering arm to the top of the outer hub housing. I only backed them out about 1/4" to start. They are essentially the only thing (it appears) that holds the hub up onto the bottom of the spindle.
I left the bolts in for now to avoid having the entire hub drop right off the spindle onto the floor. There are at least one roll pin (dowel pin?) between the hub and that upper steering arm to line them up. There are also shims that you have to be extremely careful to not lose and remember where they went. It did not want to budge at first when I loosened the bolts (some rust, the alignment pin, etc) it took a few whacks on those sharp corners on the top with a brass hammer and it started to separate. There are definitely shims in there to adjust the end play on the spindle.


This is as far as I got so far, more pics as I make more progress. Be patient with me, I have 2 small kids, full time job and basically zero free time, haha.
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