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115 Rider, Wont start (single loud click in solenoid)

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Cant get it started back up. Battery is brand new and charged, all connections tight, etc. When I turn the key I get one loud single click coming from the solenoid. I hooked jump starter directly to the starter itself and when I get the ground right the starter spins for a short while (doesnt have enough power to turn the flywheel)...

Would this indicate a bad solenoid?
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possible starter, or something with the ignition module possible or something
Welcome to DT Marino:good2:

Have you checked the ground connections to the frame?
Have you checked the voltage at the solenoid?
Is the gear on top of the starter motor engaging the flywheel? If not try freeing it up so it can fling itself into the starter's ring gear on the flywheel.
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