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My father had one of these and I learned to mow with it back in the 90s/early 00's. I wanted a summer project to take my mind off work. I happened to find one that was built the same year I was born so the stars were aligned and I had to have it. So I found one that needed some love but wasn't totally destroyed. I wish I took more photos of the before because it would be much more dramatic of the after.
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I had to replace the pto switch because it was worn out and would keep the ignition from working. The button for raising the deck was gone so I needed that and the spring and that pretty much took care of the mechanical. The tires were original and were bald. So while I was changing out the tires, I painted the wheels since the original owner had them the wrong color. They were more cub cadet yellow.

I came across a NOS bagger system in the original packaging and that's where the project got out of hand. It wouldn't make much sense to have this brand new bagger that I paid way too much for bolted to this half effort restore. So I tore almost everything a part and began putting new paint on it.

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I had the deck and mounting hardware powdercoated since I wasn't real impressed at the durability of the rattle can paint. I should have done that with the fender deck. I finished it off with new stickers.
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So I ended up replacing the seat, most stickers, the throttle, ignition, pto switch, grill emblem, the spring next to the hydro transmission, brake pads, tires, belts, chute/hardware, and I'm sure I've forgotten what else. I'd never get what I have into it if I were to sell it, but this was a sentimental endeavor.

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Thanks for checking it out.
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