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1962 gas 2010

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Hi, new member. I bought this tractor 4 days ago. The pto is always turning when the tractor is running. The lever that controls it doesn't seem to be connected to anything. It just lays on the left side footboard. Previous owner said it was working, but something went wrong while he was mowing. Anyone have any knowledge about this problem?
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I found this, but can't really see where the trouble would be.
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Right now we are having winter weather, heavy snow expected. So in 2 or 3 days I'll look at the parts you described. My problem is I would like to be able to get parts so I can take it apart, repair, and put together, and not leave it apart waiting for parts.
I honestly don't know. I haven't had time to do much with it. I don't know if it does or not. I don't know if it has oil I need to drain for inspection. Main reason for this thread is to learn all I can. Pto turns, so I'm assuming that the problem is confined to engaging and disengaging.
I have seen utube videos on removing rockshaft cover. But nothing on trouble shooting or diagnostic. Hopefully it is something simple, and won't take a long time to get parts. I have researched a little, the 2010 seems to have had it's problems. I also read most problems were corrected by 1963. Right now that seems to be the only big problem. It has been converted to alternator, and negative ground. New battery, fresh plugs, wires, dist cap and rotor. Gauges installed, oil pressure gauge leaking. Hydraulics are strong. Bucket doesn't have Hydraulics, manual dump, power steering. Needs lever knobs, lights, fuel gauge.
I'm a long way from 42000, so earlier model. In addition to other things mentioned it needs shifter decals.
I ha already seen those videos. Very helpful, I believe I can handle the repair. Looks like I will have to take it apart and look. Then wait for parts. I was hoping to avoid having it open for a while.
Well, the previous owner gave me an owner's manual and a shop repair manual. I looked them over a little. Found picture of shift pattern, if I can get decal that would be great, otherwise sharpie or memory! It looks like I will have to remove rockshafte cover and look for what is wrong. Played with it a little, bolted on left part of bucket, then wintery mix came in.
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The shift pattern label is T16187 (subs for T14636) and shows as being available from Deere for $17. Check with your dealer to confirm availability.
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