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1968 2020 Front Axle Removal

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Recently my bellcrank broke on my 1968 2020 diesel. I got the part in and was told by my local shop that the rear of the front axle would clear the oil pan. It did not, the front fell out just fine but the rear of the front axle is hitting the oil pan and hanging up. Any advice on how to get the axle off would be greatly appreciated. Seems like all I need is a 1/4” and it will fall off. Not sure if it is catching on a bushing or if it was just a bad design. Thanks for the help!
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Any chance the rear pivot pin has also slid rearward?
Or the rear bushing has slid forward, part way out of the axle assembly ?
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Thanks for the response Zebrafive. That is exactly what happened. Only not on its own. The previous owner hammered it back and then welded the end which took away a quarter inch. I am thinking of either cutting off the weld and trying to drive it back or filing off the end sticking out and keeping the weld. Any suggestions? Thanks again!
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Which end did he weld? Any idea why?
He welded the end pointing towards the front of the tractor. Not sure why since there are 2 spots for those c clips. I wish he wouldn’t have though cause it is tough to get out with that weld.
So, if I understand correctly, the axle has to slide rearward, off the rear end of the pin, but the pin is too long for that, and welded in place?
If so, I would cut the excess, to the rear, off the pin.
Yes, you got it exactly right. I guess the farmer though he would never have to take the axle off? I got the cutoff wheel all ready to go, will work on that once it cools off a bit. Thanks for the help, I appreciate it!
Glad I could help. I've done a lot to the front axle of my 2030, even swapped "sway back axle" for HD front axle from a gas 2030 before I sold it.
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