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Here is a New/Old 1976 John Deere Garden Tractor 400.
Brand new Briggs & Stratton 23hp engine with only 44 hrs on it. The original engine was a 19hp Kohler which was replaced about 2 years ago by the previous owner. If I remember correctly it was replaced by a shop in Lynden WA. Runs amazing, no leaks, easy cold start.
I bought it with only 2 hours on it.

Included with the tractor is a multitude of attachments which I would prefer to keep with the tractor depending on price of course.

48” tiller I think its a 35a
60” three blade mower with new belt
48” Front blade/snow plow blade
48” Lawn sweeper
Landscape rake
Rear Dump bucket
3 point hitch
PTO front, bottom and rear. Rear PTO is removable.
Ball Hitch
Wheel weights.

There is also a 14’ single axle trailer I may be willing to part with which I bought with the tractor but I currently have hay on it. We are only selling because we went a different route with our garden and built raised beds. I am sad to see it go but need to make room in the shop for the wife's car.....

$7750 cash will not finance.

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