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Hi, Tim.

I'll try this. Hope you don't get confused.

Steel Line #1 supplies high pressure oil from the hydraulic pump, to the rockshaft cover.
Hydraulic Hose #3 supplies high pressure oil from the rockshaft cover, to the pressure inlet of the SCV.

Blue Stars. These are 90° fitting for Hose # 3 and # 4. Behind one of these fittings(I can't remember which one) is a threaded port. Pipe plug(part number 15H275, item # 7, lower image) will need to be installed into the threaded port. Once the pipe plug is installed, high pressure oil will be diverted to the SCV through Hose #3.

With the SCV and Rockshaft levers in the Neutral position, oil will flow through Hose #2, to the left side of the transmission case return oil port(see Return to Case fitting in lower image).

When the SCV levers are operated, high pressure oil will flow to the desired loader cylinder.



I hope this helps.
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