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2001 Lt133

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hi there. i just aquired a 2001 Lt133 with a 38" deck. its all in great shape. i've been looking on line and i can't seem to find out if JD made a snow blower attachment for this model. if so where can i get one and what should i expect to pay? thanks.
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Deere did not offer a blower for the older LT series as they did not think the frame and transaxle were strong enough for one. They did offer a snow blade though. Bercomac sold a blower for the LT line, but they don't recommend it for a LT133:
BTW, I have the TM if you want a copy - I can email it to you.

Attached below is the year 2000 brochure for the LT series.


The manual is on it's way unless your email can't handle 25 mb.
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I sent it and I didn't recieve an email saying it didn't go through like I normally would have. Maybe you can register for a gmail account (it's free) and I know it can handle up to 25 mb.

I would put it here, but due to copyright laws I'm hesitant to do so as this site could get into hot water with Deere's lawyers.
I would put it in this thread, but I don't want to expose this site to Deere's lawyer team. I'm pretty sure I can put brochures here, but not manuals that Deere still sells. They have a big, and good lawyer team that protects their copyrighted material.
The older LT series either took a 42 blade, model numbers M04290X or M04291X, or a 44 blade, M09480X. You want to find a blade with those model numbers.

Also, use JD parts to find if the blade you find has all the right parts. To do that, this link comes in handy: Use the "How to use JD Parts" pdf in that link if you're not familiar with JD Parts. When you're in, you can type in "LT133" in the Model number area and then scrolled down to "Attachments" and you will find the snow blades and you can open up the correct one and view the parts and part numbers there.
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