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2001 Lt133

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hi there. i just aquired a 2001 Lt133 with a 38" deck. its all in great shape. i've been looking on line and i can't seem to find out if JD made a snow blower attachment for this model. if so where can i get one and what should i expect to pay? thanks.
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Well Ed, with just a quick look at JDParts I am seeing that you are out of luck. It does not list a snow blower for this unit. Although, you have the option of a 42", 44", & 46" front blades.
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I would put it in this thread, but I don't want to expose this site to Deere's lawyer team. I'm pretty sure I can put brochures here, but not manuals that Deere still sells. They have a big, and good lawyer team that protects their copyrighted material.
Yup, brochures good, manuals bad. Brochures are free from Deere and you are just circulating their sales info. Manuals are protected technical information. Though we have posted small sections of the manuals directly relating to ones issue, we do not promote their posting.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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