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2013 or 2014 5075e?

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How do I know which I have? When I look at JD's site for the manuals (and then to also find shop manuals), one set of docs end and 2013 and start up at 2014.

The seller told us it's a 2013, then the dealer that serviced it called it a 2014. I mentioned they told us it was a 2013, and he said "eh, whatever."

I get it, I know it's not crazy important, but, I want the right manuals/etc...
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Thanks! I found that page by searching almost that exact phrase last night, but, it fails with iframe errors. That's what brought me here. I'll keep trying.
Ahhh, not working in Chrome for me, but I got it in Safari. Thanks!
I don't think that page will work for this. It doesn't reference the 5075E. All the others, it reports they have a 13 digit serial number, but ours has 17. I'll keep searching.
Typically the calender year of a 17 digit PIN is the 10th character. D is 2013, E is 2014. I had a chart somewhere... must be on my tablet.
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Thanks Kyle! I found several charts/websites that all pointed to what you say. I'm a D, so we're going with 2013. :)
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Well oops
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