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2017 1025R 3pt Top Link Spring Clip - Missing?

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I'm new on Green Tractor Talk; been reading lots of great info and stories on here for a while. My name is Ed and I'm from Indiana. I bought my 1025R new in 2/2017 and have really only just begun to start accumulating other attachments and accessories to help the wife and I on our 4+ acre wooded property.

I saw a video on installing the 3pt hitch on a 1025R and at around 6:30 into the video it shows the top link spring being secured to a clip on the back of the rops lower support. My 1025R TLB does not have that clip and I can't seem to find the part anywhere. I'd like to have that clip so my spring (hook) doesn't get damaged when lifting the 3pt up. I'm currently using a small fabric bungee to hold the spring out of the way :). Could anyone point me to that clip part somewhere?

Happy to finally have joined you on Green Tractor Talk!
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Hmm thats interesting. I have 2017 also & mine never came with that snap clip holder either. Thanks for sharing guys.
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Yep me too, little things like that seem to irratate me too even though it's not that big of deal it's just the idea of missing something. I've had mine for 4years without but you know what I'll probably end up ordering one anyway cuz now i know it's supposed to be there it's gonna bother me when I look at it lol.
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