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2020 2025r engine panel cracking

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Hello all,

I did a quick search and not really seeing anything related to this. My 2025r only has 100 hours on it and the left hand side engine cover is cracking. Two cracks right where the tabs are that connect to the tractor. I noticed it the other day and thought maybe I did something to make it crack but I cannot imagine what. It started right where the exhaust comes out so I was thinking maybe it was too hot there and weakened the plastic? I used my 1023e for years without any issues with the plastics so I thought this was weird.

So I took the panel off and repaired it with glue and I thought I did a pretty decent job. Inspected it and found no more cracks. This weekend I used the tractor to disc my garden and used it for maybe 20 mins and there is another crack, very long 15+ inches but this time on the top front. The part number to replace is LVU34824 and is $213 bucks. Actually less than I expected but I am still annoyed.

I am wondering if anyone has experienced this?

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I'm curious why you didn't just contact your dealer and have it replaced under warranty?
I'm curious why you didn't just contact your dealer and have it replaced under warranty?

I did and they are replacing it. It has to be ordered. I am just wondering if anyone else has had this issue or anything I can do to prevent it again.
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No issues with mine. I know it took me a time a or two to get the hang out of getting it on and off there.
Other then that I have not had any issues yet.
Unless you count my left panel getting a little black above where the diesel exhaust is located.
Wipes off pretty easily.
It's probably just a manufacturing defect. Get it replaced, (that's why we have warranties) and use the tractor.
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