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2020 Autoconnect MMM removal - can't release the latches

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Brand new 1025R owner here with my first problem :ROFLMAO:

54D autoconnect deck - the whole process makes sense but I can't turn the retainer latches--the ones shaped like a wine bottle. I've raised the gage wheels, dropped the deck, and when I go to turn the latches, they are seated too firmly against the round rod to turn. I've tried moving the tractor around a bit and inching it slightly forward and back, but no joy so far. Are there any other tricks to free things up that I haven't learned yet?
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Just pull the deck towards the engine a smidge and that will likely give you enough space to swing the wine bottle latch up.

did you remove the pins that keep them closed?

note to self- put the pins back on the latches.
make sure the deck is on level surface I found that out the hard way also
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If you are doing it correctly and it won’t come off you can lengthen the front draft arm to give a little slack. It the long silver u shaped bracket at the front of the deck.
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Deleted my advice since you likely have the new generation MMM mounting. My bad.
Yeah so for those latches to release, when you drop the deck all the way down (gauge wheels unlocked, cut height knob set to install/remove position) you have to take the tension off the latches by dragging the deck forward a few inches. Just nudge the tractor forward a bit until the devk scrapes along the ground, this should give adequate clearance for the latches to rotate.
Since I don't even have mine yet I cant give you any personal hands on knowledge. That being said since I dont have mine yet it gives me a lot more time to watch videos.
Pretty sure I recently watched a video on Youtube TTWT did that was called, I think, adjusting auto connect deck. It was him and a dealer rep going in depth about all the different adjusts there are.Hope this helps. Good luck
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Look in your deck owners manual to view a adjustment that may need to be done, It shows a picture and instructions.
The adjustment is to the front bracket, not the rear.
There needs to be a 1/16 in gap in front which will relieve the pressure on the back bracket, that is the one you can't release now.
Yup, there should be a gap (1/8" IIRC?) between the front hanger and the hooks it seats on. I have this gap on mine but still have to drag the deck forward a bit.
I found out you can release the latch easy be using a 4 to 5 foot pipe (can be plastic pipe or other kinds of pope) and reach in with the pipe and push the lever down to release it, That way you don't have to get down under to use your hand.
Thanks all! A little experimenting to find the flattest area in my garage plus other suggestions here got it off. Now to wait for things to dry out enough here to get some real work done... all I did today was make some nice mud pies.
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