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Saw this on youtube:

2018 JOHN DEERE 2025R For Sale - YouTube

Can someone confirm that the 54D is a high capacity decK? None of the local dealers have a 54D on a 2025r.

The reason I ask is that I've stepped up over the years with garden tractors; 425, x495 and now x758. The x758 has a high capacity deck and I can tell the difference. The older decks caused more clippings to blow up in the air and stick to the air intake, blow in my face, etc. I'd have to wipe the screens off while mowing. The top of the deck would also be covered after mowing. I don't have that issue with the x758, the air intake stays clean and the clippings on the deck are pretty sparse. The underneath stays clear as well as it is smooth and doesn't have a channel like the older decks.

Looking at the 1025R 54D, it has the same design as the 425 and x495 decks. The 1025r 60D is a high capacity. Just curious if anyone has a 2025r with the 54D. If so can you post pictures of the deck.

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