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Welcome to GTT JJD223.
I think the 270 is the one used on the 2025R. The 46 is still used on the 2032R.
So I am not sure it's possible.

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Both the 46 and the 270A are compatible with the 2025R.

The 270A:
1. 7ft digging depth
2. Newer design with the curved boom.
3. Has better attaching system
4. I believe it is MMM compatible.
5. Has a single boom swing cylinder.
6. 150 degree swing
7. 3pt hitch arms can stay on tractor... actually they are used as part of the mount, but there is also a sub-frame.
8. Is compatible with the 2025R and 2320.

The 46:
1. 6.5ft digging depth
2. Has a longer subframe that comes off with the backhoe.. so takes up more space.
3. Has dual boom swing cylinders.
4. 180 degree swing
5. Stabilizers with flip-over pads.
6. Is compatible with the 2025R, 2320,2520,2032R, and 2720.

So it is kind of a difficult decision. Newer design vs. compatibility.

Hope this helps.
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