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2019 2025R with Loader, Backhoe, 54D Mower, Forks, Rear Snowblower, Box Blade, Landscape Rake, QH
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Back in the pond again and popped the hood and used the infrared handheld on the radiator as I was finishing up. 140 degrees F w/88 degrees outside temp. Ran the RPMs at about 3000 for the digging.
Guess the gauge is working now.
My gauge needle has never been past 1/4-3/8" of movement over the last year of 130 hours of hard work for my 2019 2025R.

Put another way, it also strikes me as never having moved more than about a quarter/third (at most) of the range implied by the gauge. Ground work, backhoe, heavy mowing over two summer seasons in very hot conditions, winter plowing with big blower, etc.

So, your new situation matches up roughly with mine, for what that is worth. Good repair. Enjoy.
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