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2025R TLB 3PH assembly required

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2021 2025R delivered today. Nice.
In the bucket were a mess of parts in a water destroyed sorta cardboard box. Think it is the parts for the three point hitch.
Went to the parts web link, entered my PIN and got:
"Catalog Found. PIN specific parts information not available "
I did follow the parts listings until I found the three point hitch diagram, but...

Is it the right diagram for my model?
How do I put this thing together?
Can not find anything related to assembly.
Do I just start slapping things together like a big erection set?

ANY help would be appreciated.
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I got my 2025r on May 1st and that's exactly how I got my 3 point hitch parts too. Looks like the box was left out in the rain and fallen off the back a truck a few times. Unfortunately I cant answer your question because of hands on experience, because it's been in the shop for 3 weeks now. Left side pin fell out, who knows where, on the MMM. Brakes barely work. Keeps popping out of gear into neutral. Rate of drop is like 2-3mins for the 3rd function MMM deck function. And front cross bar for MMM keeps going underneath the hooks on the front when trying to reconnect to it. This past weekend I did tear into the flimsy box, with a mile of packing tape holding it all together, to try and make sure all the parts were in it. No instructions were in my box. I did find a video on YouTube titled "John Deere 1025r 3 point hitch install" by "TractorMonkey with JL". I did learn some things that'll prevent me from doing it twice. Although its pretty slow moving it was worth the watch.
Congrats on your new ride. Hope my suggestion above is helpful.
PS. Although its been in the shop just as long as I've had it in my own possession, the 18hrs I've put on it so far was a fun 18hrs. It does more than I was expecting.
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