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While waiting for parts (see my all hydraulics quit, thread) I decided to put some new "dress up " parts on the 2030. I bought these years ago, thinking "some day" I may paint and or restore it. Since I do not see that happening in the near future, I decided to install these parts and enjoy them!

First was the seat, since it was all ready off. I took it off for easier filling of the transmission with hydraulic fluid.

To remove two bolts at the top, center of the backrest, I had to take part of the seat support apart. There is a shock and spring in the way. Several ways to do it. The easiest looked like unbolting two links ands swinging the shock/spring out of the way. This where I found JD used 3/4" steel spacers (they call them bearings) in an oil-lite bushing. The two bushings at the ends of the links I took apart were beyond worn out.

I checked JD parts and they called for 10 pieces. Not all were shown on the parts drawing, but easy enough to find. JD wanted over $5 each. They were 7/8" OD, 3/4" ID and 3/8" long. I searched for a cheaper alternative. I found an ebay seller that had them 1" long, for $1.50 each, and would ship for $5, so if I could cut them $12.50 total. I ordered 5. They came before the brake line that was holding up assembly.

I brought one link home, installed a bushing, then sawed it flush with a hacksaw. They fit tight enough to easily saw and push out to deburr. Repeat ten times and I had ten bushings.

Other dress up parts I had and installed: Steering wheel, Steering wheel center cap, HI-LO shift lever knob, Throttle lever knob, Two shift lever knobs, PTO lever knob, Alternator and Oil Pressure Idiot light lens.

My headlight switch knob had lost it's white lettering. I cleaned it in alcohol and then dapped on white paint and wiped it off to fill the letters with white.


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