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Well yesterday I needed to pull 125’ of 2/2/2/4 URD thru 2”conduit from the house to my new garage/barn . So aftersucking a string thru with the shop vac, then pulled mule tape , attached that to the wire . I then set up my 2032 with the backhoe bucket set about 5’ above ground level directly above the LB and inline with the left rear tire, hung an 8” block from the bucket , ran the mule tape through the block and tied off around the circumference of the elevated rear tire. I had the neighbor kid feed the line at house LB and had my wife on the tractor holding down the diff lock while feathering the forward pedal . This was my version of a Greenlea pulling winch.
It worked like a champ!!! Sorry for no pics I was just to excited to wire up the panel !! Anyway , just another good use of the tractor, that might help someone out one day .
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