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2032R dual rear scv leak

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Yesterday when adjusting the hydraulic top link I noticed a steady stream of fluid running out of the right fender liner. Took it off today and this fitting is leaking when I hit the lever to shorten the top link.

It was finger tight when I got to it. I tightened it down as much as I could and slowed the leak, but there is still a pretty good amount where the 90 deg fitting enters the body. The nut is tight but it seems like the 90 deg fitting needs about another quarter turn to seat, but, it won't align with the hard line anymore if I do that. Any ideas?

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Unless I am misunderstanding you, It doesn’t work like your thinking. Tighten the nut without turning the fitting itself. There is an o ring on the back side of that nut..Since the nut was finger tight hopefully the O-ring is ok and you can just tighten the nut.

like this.
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