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The ball hitch pictured is easy to build and requires some welding ability. The hitch in the picture was originally used on my 650 for many years moving log splitters, boats and equipment trailers. I repurposed the hitch to fit my 2032R and attach the hitch to an eye bolt instead of using the"T" handle clamp.

I used a Vulcan forged eye and drilled a 5/8 hole to mount it in the bucket. This is overkill but the price was right! The eye is also used to pull the tractor when stuck instead of pulling off the grab hooks on top of the bucket and the eye does not interfere with material loaded in the bucket.

The turnbuckle, permanently attached to the hitch, is pinned to the eye bolt and hand tightened to pull the hitch to the bucket lip securing the hitch to the bucket. Light weight braces to each bucket wall keep the hitch centered and you never have to worry about this hitch falling off with a load on it as some time happens with clamp type attachments. "Bonus" If you have trouble backing a trailer, you will love this set up.
(Note: picture of 1/2 of my wood shed being winched on my 7000# trailer and attached to my 650 bucket.)



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