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I've read some post on here about people having their mower lift actuator fail. I have a 2038R where I accidently removed the deck and moved the tractor and hit a tree root before raising the lift arms back up. Well my actuator didn't like that. I saw it, got mad because in my stupidity I figured there goes a couple hundred bucks. That evening I looked up the price and fell out of my chair and puked a little in my mouth. $1650.00

It's a long shot, but if anyone has a junk failed one, they would be willing to sell me, I would love to not spend $1650 for a new actuator. Mine works great, full motion, no alarms, but that casting...

Looks like a few bolts and I can swap out the end casting and put it back in. I'm going to try to weld it, but worry about the heat warping it. My preference is to find someone with a junk one laying around I can harvest the back cap from. Willing to pay for one with shipping. Thanks in advance.

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