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2038r on order

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I have a 2038r on order in NH,with front loader,backhoe and 60 mower deck.I’ve been reading a lot of posts here and was wondering when I pick it up is there certain things I should check before hauling it back to Long Island?Also any JD dealer with do warranty work?
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When do you expect delivery>?

Have them show you how to connect and disconnect everything and make sure it is adjusted properly. Mine was perfect, but you won't have a great experience when you get back to LI if it isn't quite right. Get some loader stand bolts for free. You will need them eventually. And get a trickle charger thrown in, or get one off Amazon. The kind that plugs right into the 12v adapter.
Send me a PM too! I’d like to see what the current prices are vs what I paid in 2018
Greenmulcher sent ya a pm
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