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2040 SCV Float?

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I’ve got a 2040 with one set of rear remotes but am needing a float position for a small flex wing cutter. My remotes don’t have a float position is there anyway to get around this or are there other valves available that have one that I would need to find? It’s a 1977 with open center hydraulics.
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If your 2040 has a 3 cyl engine & serial # above 266749 then plate(key 1) can be turned to achieve float position on scv. If your tractor has spool valve scv then I can't remember how to put scv in float position.
Ok mine is before that serial number I’m 227,975
Your 2040 has open center hyd system. Although the 2040 operators manual I could view isn't exactly for your tractor I see no mention of "float position"
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