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Items located in Towson, MD ( just north of Baltimore ). Price is $585. Will add front lift kit and two nicer rear wheels with one good turf tire for $50.
Tractor starts easily, runs well, no air or fluid leaks, transaxle works correctly, variator does not respond to position 6 and 7, primary and secondary belts are good. Just changed oil and cut grass with unit about three weeks ago and performed properly.
Comes with nice working hydraulic lift, rear lift kit, and pulley to run snowthrower, log spliter, front pto, etc.
46 mower worked properly when cutting. Nuts holding blades are somewhat rounded and I was not able to remove and sharpen blades. Belt from tractor to mower is very good, however, belt on mower is not OEM.
As seen in photos, needs seat. Ag tires are decent and tires are loaded. Front tires are good.
Purchased tractor about two months ago to have grandson start cutting grass, but he needs another year to operate safely.

Strange I can post in the "For Sale" section here, but not on WFM. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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