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After I bought my 2210, I had a starting problem due to the fuel shutoff solenoid (FSS) not operating. So as I was diagnosing the problem, I discovered that the 2210 only had power to the FSS when the ignition key was in the START position. Every other diesel I have owned had the FSS operate when the ignition key was in the RUN position. Well this was not a big issue once I figured it out.:think:

Next, I discovered that the glow plugs would ONLY operate with the key in the START position. :gaah: My 332 and 455's have a glow plug controller which lights a dash light that is on for about 5-10 seconds. The controller then leaves the plugs on for about another 30 seconds after the light goes off. The warm air in the cylinder is not just needed to start a diesel, but needed to keep it running when it is very cold. :snow: Soooooo... if your diesel starts and dies quickly in cold weather, the problem is the glow plugs need to be on longer.

I have no solution for that problem, BUT there is a way to turn the glow plugs on before the engine attempts to start. Put the H/L transmission selector lever in H or L gear. Then turn the ignition switch to the START position. The engine cannot start in gear, but the glow plugs will operate as long the key is in the START position. I let the plugs operate for 10-20 seconds and then put the tractor in neutral and attempt to start. This feature is not documented in the operator's manual.

In my opinion, the starting circuit is very poorly designed. Why??
1.) The FSS draws about 20 amps to pull in.
2.) The glow plugs EACH draw 10 amps for a total of 30 amps.
3.) The starter is drawing a VERY high current to start.

ALL of this happens at the same time. That is why my 2210 FSS would not operate!! Low voltage (10.5 V) would not pull in the FSS.
The FSS is not supposed to drop out for 1 1/2 seconds if you bounce on the seat. This feature was not working until I modified the safety relay interlock. That will need to be another thread since it is a little difficult. :brow:

I assume this condition exists on other 2000 Series tractors, but since I do not have their schematics (2305 etc.) I can not be sure. If you want to find out if your tractor is similar, just PM me and I will investigate the issue.


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GD, they are all the same...My 4110 is the same as well.

Glow plugs-I have written about them 100 times over the years and how to activate them without starting the engine. Another trick is to pull up the PTO knob. Why did they do it this way? My guess is cost, and they where targeting homeowners who had now idea how to use glow plugs?

FSS-My understanding is that there is two coils, a "starting" or "pull-in" coil and then a "hold-in" coil. They both are powered while starting, but only the hold-in coil should remain energized while the engine is running. The pull-in coil draws a few amps and can burn out if left energized. They older 4x00 series used a device called a thermistor to activate the pull-in coil and when that $1 part failed the tractor would not start. Most dealers did not even know about it-Here is one thread that proves that:!-(If-you-want-something-long-to-entertain)..&highlight=thermistor That mistake cost Scotty lots of $$$.
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