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2210 hydro pedals sticking...

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I have over 600 hours on my 2210. Bought it new in the spring of '04, never any problem. Lately the hydro pedals seem to stick. At first I blamed the $169.oo "torsional dampener" shock absorber type thing in the linkage. After a talk with the service manager at JD he seemed to think it was in the linkage somewhere. I removed the torsional damper and the pedals were still sticking. THen had my wife move the pedals back and forth while I sprayed WD40 on the bearings along the links from the pedals to the hydrostat. When I sprayed on the last bearing before the hydro the pedals began moving freely.

So what I'm looking for is suggestions on how to lube these bearings? Anyone know if they are sealed bearings? What is a good lube to put down there the won't attract dust? Thanks.
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If you can get the bearings out-I will send you my small bearing packer to borrow-I am sure they are sealed. No spray lubricant will get into the bearings if they are sealed to make a substantial difference.
Problem resolved!

I mowed the yard and got fed up with the sticky pedals. I removed the mower deck and after disconnecting the link to the tranny and the damper localized the sticking to the pedal assembly. This is a heavy bracket containing the pedals and a rube goldberg assortment of rocker shafts, ball bearings, links, and levers. Once I removed this assembly it was apparent that none of the ball bearing were at fault, BUT there were two brackets-one directly connected to the forward pedal and one that connects indirectly to the brake pedal- that were mounted in bushing type bearings which were...
Removed those levers and greased the bushings and put her back together. The pedals (without the damper) sprang back to center! Put the damper in and the test drive revealed a well behaved tractor which stops quickly when the pedals are released! :thumbup1gif:
Congrats! Always nice to find it was an easier fix than expected.
Cool, cheap or free fix's are best:good2:
Great post. :thumbup1gif: Thanks for the info.
You bet free fixes are best! The dry bearings were probably resulting from winter usage, wet snow and all that crap.
I had another free fix recently; the power window in my car which was fixed by simple reattaching a bracket to the glass.
These come among more nasty fixes such as a new motor for my pickup:cray:

Once in a while things go right!:good2:
Cool, cheap or free fix's are best:good2:
You didn't by any chance shoot any pics of your repair did you? That would be cool to see your fix. :thumbup1gif:
Sorry, was too focused on "gettin 'er done". But I have a diagram! You can see the large bracket in the middle of that mess to which the pedals attach, which is attached to the tractor frame by only four bolts and a couple of links, and the scv coupler bracket. Parts 34 and 22 and their bushings 23 were the culprits. Basically I jacked up the right side of the tractor for more comfortable access. Removed the 4 scv coupler bracket bolts and the 4 bolt that held the pedal assembly to the frame. The tricky part was pulling the tiny locking cotter pins out of the links to get the assembly free from the tractor. Then it was just a bench job removing a couple large C clips which was easy with a large screwdriver. Then there was the "fun" of reconnecting the links with the tiny cotter pins in tiny spaces.
You didn't by any chance shoot any pics of your repair did you? That would be cool to see your fix. :thumbup1gif:


Thank you for the added detail. Greatly appreaciated. :thumbup1gif:
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