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It was the neutral switch in the end, just needed connections sanded on the switch side and connector.
Switch is located on the right hand side, low enough that your best to remove the Right Rear Tire.
There is an access hole in the frame.
Grab connector with a pair of needle nose vise grips and slide it towards reat of tractor to disconnec.
Switch is removed with (don't quote me on this) a 22MM deep socket I believe.
Sanding connector and the posts on the switch and the multi-meter showed NC in Neutral (Ball out) and Open in gear.
Photos attached to pay it forward. Once you've figured it out is seems so easy.
Thanks for your help
I'm having issues with my tractor not starting, it just died on me as I was getting ready to remove a stump, spun the seat around, slid it back to give me more leg room, and bam, died! I'll check this switch today, you never know, thanks Simers....
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