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2210 Transmission / Hydraulic fluid fill tube

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Hi folks. I have a JD 2210 with 950 hours. My 200 hour service is due and I will perform it myself for the third time. This time I wanted to use my mytevac fluid extractor to siphon out the tranny fluid so I would not need a bathtub under the drain plug. However, when I tried to pass the hose down the fill tube it just bottomed out about 2" in. Figuring the tube might be too large I tried to pass a much smaller tube, same issue. I know the fluid goes down this tube just fine so now my curiosity is peeked. This time I tried to pass a wire coat hanger down the tube, same outcome. I thought perhaps the tube opening was on the side, so I tried to find this opening with the wire by putting it in from all different angles and still I cannot find ANY opening. I know its there, but where? Anybody have any luck trying to siphon through this fill tube?
thanks much
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Not likely going to happen with any of these small hydro transmissions. There is all kind of stuff in the way on the way down.


I had a similar issue with my F150 when I got it - could not get more than a pint of oil out of the dipstick tube. This is why.

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