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2305 3pt "Limited" 3pt Hitch

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When I was first looking into buying the 2305, Deere advertised it with a limited 3pt hitch. I could not find anything that described exactly what that meant. My dealer didn't have a satisfactory answer either, “it doesn’t lift as high as other 3pts in its category” was what I got from him. Unfortunately, I really didn’t pursue the issue any further. Well I must say now that I have a 2305 I know exactly what Deere meant by “limited”. The 3pt on the 2305 really does everything accept one major thing, it does not have “position control”. This is not to say you cannot control position, it just doesn’t do it automatically.

The control lever is such that there are stop detents at the up (stop) and down positions at which point the 3pt is either full up or full down with the rate control open. To raise the 3pt the lever has to over travel the up (stop) detent. Once the 3pt is full up the lever is cam’d automatically back into the detent up (stop) position. To lower the 3pt the lever is in the down position with the rate control open. The speed at which the 3pt drops is controlled by the rate control valve. The rate control valve also locks the 3pt in position when fully closed.

For a coarse mid position setting, you can move the control lever to initiate motion and then by moving the lever to the up (stop) detent you can achieve a mid position. However, it will not stay at this position unless you lock it in place by closing the rate control valve. The 3pt will drop on its own if not locked into position. For a finer mid position adjustment start with the 3pt all the way up. Set the rate control valve for a gradual descent. Set the lever control to the down position and wait for the hitch to get to the desired position and then close the rate control valve to lock it at that position.

It isn’t perfect but it will work and it is certainly far better than not having a 3pt hitch at all. I run a quick hitch (LandPride) on my 3pt for easily attaching the implements. I am sure there are others out there with other helpful hints to this issue. Hopefully I have shed some light on this for some of you. I do know the manual for this is not exactly clear or detailed. Be Safe.
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Wow, I had no clue that what it meant. Even my dealer never told me all of that. Thanks Randy!
"Limited" usually means less lift hight, and on some models there is less width accross the lower arms also-the early Kubota BX models suffered from this. There are few a implements made just for these.
That is one of the reasons I bought the X749 instead of a 2305, the X749 has a normal center detent hyd valve so you can easily raise and lower the hitch. Not as good as position control but close enough for me.
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