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2305 help

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Hello, New to posting but have been lurking for the last year. Thanks for the help in advance. I recently had to change out my 20 amp alternator and all seemed fine for about a week. Then yesterday I was moving some fill dirt and heard a loud pop. About 30 mins later smoke started coming out of the dashboard and black cowling between my legs. I shut her down and removed the cowling and found what I believe to be the regulator wires burning. I believe it is part number M807915 and it is aluminum finned 4" by 3" part just under cowling next to left foot. The tractor wont even turn over now so Im sure the regulator is fried. I will post a pic after lunch but was wondering if anyone is familiar with this part or has had this problem. Also, is it related to the alternator replacement or coincidental.

Again many thanks

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Welcome to GTT!

I have not heard of this issue before Jonny, but I just looked in JDParts...and I can't even find the regulator ( I only see the one with the 35 amp unit)
Wonder if he has a tractor with optional 35 amp setup in it and installed a 20 amp alternator by mistake?

Apparently the 35 amp units must be externally requlated and the base 2305s internally?
Thanks Kenny, I'm not really sure its a regulator but here's a pic. Technology Electronic device

I have not heard of this issue before Jonny, but I just looked in JDParts...and I can't even find the regulator ( I only see the one with the 35 amp unit)
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RRM, thats a possability as i'm the second owner. Ill check the old alternator when I get home. Does anyone recognize the pic i posted as a "regulator".

Thanks Jonny

Looks like RRM was correct. The part looks like AM877958 in the parts catalogue. Thanks for the help guys.

The picture in JDparts (optional 35 amp unit) looks like it has more connections on it:
Auto part Line art Diagram

1M805471Wiring Harness1
2M805472Wiring Harness1
3M805473Wiring Harness1
11M805477Quick Coupler3
13/32" X 7/8" X 0.120"
1512M7066Lock Washer1
10 MM
18R44302Tie Band3
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What I find odd is JDs parts list appears to show only one harness.

I would be very disappointed in JD if they made a harness that allowed you to plug in a 20 amp integral regulated alternator to a hardness that COULD have a regulator plugged into it elsewhere.

You would think they would have different plugs on it??

I think all the 1026 tractors have internal regulators in them regardless of which one.

This brings up a question that I have been thinking about. It irritates me they put the big alternator on the x7 diesels and not the 2305. I see Yanmar 40 amp alternators new online for $100. Was thinking it would be a nice upgrade. But really wondering if it takes the same brackets and REALLY wondering about the wiring/regulators now !
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I have the same question. My 990 I purchased has a 20 amp alternator. The 4005 which is the new 990 has a 40 amp alternator. Can I replace the 20 amp with the 40 amp if all the brackets are the same. Would one have to change the wiring harness as well? Would this be out of the question?
Hey Kenny, I thought the same about the harness and after I looked at the new 20 amp alternator it looks identicle to the one I pulled out. I checked the sales slip and there is no mention of the optional 35 amp alternator. I dont think I have the 35 amp alt. can you tell by the part number in my initial post what it is a regulator for. I also found my main 40amp fuse was blown. Could that have been the loud pop I heard.

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Jonny, that PN shows up as regulator for the 2305.

Kenny, I found the regulator for the 2305 (assume standard) under relays. Its a different PN than the 35 amp unit.

So it appears that when you do the optional 35 amp alternator you have to replace the regulator as well.

Now off to see if brackets are same.
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