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2305 JD Tool Box ideas

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Looking for ideas of how to add a tool box to the tractor. I am sure someone has done it. If you have pictures post them up.

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Randy, You have the same welder that I do. I just bought a spool gun so I can try my hand at aluminum welding. Are you using 0.030" or 0.035" wire?

Actually Neel, it is mig. I have a Miller 210 with the spoolgun and gas set up. I find I do about an even split between steel and aluminum. I do OK for a self taught "fabricator". I resist the word "welder" as I am far from that.
here are pics of my tool box on my 2305. I copied a poster on another forum.
Very nice.
That's what I'm thinking of doing for the same reason. Now I need to get off my butt and order the regulator, buy the tank, and get some wire.
Matt, I am using the .035. According to the chart in the manual I got a better range of metal thicknesses with the .035. Works well for me.

I bought the dual tank kit when I bought the welder so I'm good to go.
So who are the cartoon characters on the left fender?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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