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2305 mower deck depth stop

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I wonder if anyone has the installation instructions for attaching the depth stop to the frame of a 2305. The bracket is slotted so there has to be some instructions somewhere. This is an L bracket on the 2305 vs attaching to both sides of the frame as the 2210 stop bracket did. I'm a not referring to any of the adjusting linkage. (Deere a 3 bulletins out an that) If you are using the fel lever most of the depth stop problems are non existent as the hyd cylinder holds a lot of the deck weight.
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Randy M if you look in the parts book you will find a mount that holds the depth stop cam. The cam is under the floor pan. Compare the 2210 bracket with the 2305 bracket and you will see what I'm talking about. You will find the stop with the mid rockshaft info.
Yes that is the 2305 page now look at the 2210 page

Garbear, I am a little concerned that your dealer did not have this set up for you already or is this something you are adding on your own? Some times a little background info can be very useful, no need to write a book though. Just kinda wondering how you got into this perdicement. Is this the diagram to which you are refering? And which part are you trying to adjust?
Randy I mow 30 acres of cemetaries which are very rough. This isn't a dealer issue only from the point that I deliberately choose to use the 3pt lever rather than the fel lever. Since the fel lever has a hyd cylinder to raise and lower the deck the cylinder and depth stop both help hold the mower weight. The 3pt system don't have that ability. Since the 2305 system is much lighter built it just won't take the punishment and as you know the 3pt on the 2305 doesn't have any means to lower the deck and be locked in the same position every time like the 2320 etc.
Depth Stop

Thanks Randy for all of you help. I'm referring to the actual depth stop and rockshaft under your feet. My dealer replaced the rockshaft, rockshaft bearings, depth stop bracket, cam and bushings and the lift links on the end of the rockshaft to no avail. My dealer even modified the new rock shaft to no avail. I'm hoping the 1026R comes out soon. I was told yesterday that they have started production.
depth stop

Randy I'm still going to try to understand this stop business. I really haven't been able to find any answers other than some say the dealer resetup the tractor and it worked per specs. I really think that deere doesn't have very good quality control on the 2305 and the positioning of the depth stop bracket is possibly different on some machine. Boy would it be nice to get a frame and depth stop blue print. By the way this is only a picky issue. I just thought that the machine should work per the specs. I have over 580 hrs on this 2 season tractor and have not had any problems that would stop it from mowing. I use the tractor very hard and have run numerous undesireable objects thru the deck. I have many many hours of seat time on JD mowers and I worked with them at a dealer ship for over 10 years. This is the first truely uncorrectible thing that I've ever ran accross.
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