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2305 transaxle fix

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Hey fellas, I have the 2305 with 240 hours on it. The rear PTO housing broke, a notorious problem with that model. The tractor runs fine other then i cant use the rear PTO. The rear trans axles are hard to find in junk yards seeing that they repeatedly break. My question is, Have any of you installed the LVA802796 housing kit to fix the broken PTO housing?
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I broke mine this month. Dealer wanted almost 7k for repair. Thankfully I had insurance and they totaled tractor and paid it off.
interesting, my dealer told me 9k to fix
I found the case for around 1650. Labor was 1800, and they wanted to replace every part that touched the back cover plate. You can mail order the parts cheaper.

So now I'm the proud owner of a 1026r.
Oh and I did find a used transaxle for 3750. Didn't think that was much of a deal.
I didn't replace the case, but I did have about 90% of everything removed from it. The only parts remaining in the case were the rockshaft and the PTO clutch/shaft. On mine the ring gear bolts didn't get thread locker from the factory so they loosened up and then fell out or broke off. Getting the differential carrier out required the unit to be almost completely disassembled.

The service manual was necessary and really helpful, I didn't find any of the job too difficult. Having an engine hoist made getting the assembled unit off, and hanging it back on the tractor a lot easier. Probably took about 12-14 hours of actual time to do the job. Did take some time figuring how everything came apart and finding all the bolts. Reassembly went pretty quick.

Later years of the case were strengthened around the inner PTO races starting around mid 07 through 10. My 2305 is an 08 and it did have the newer, strengthened case.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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