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Great comparisons Randy. Real world comparisons are much more informative than the side by side spec sheet. My buddy is looking for a new tractor (used) and I will forward this to him. I am sure it will help as have your other threads about the 2305.
This may be a little off topic of the subject, but I have to ask. Why does everyone talk so highly about seeking out used equipment? For example just the other day I was offered a 2008 John Deere 2320 with less than one hundred hours and a 54" Belly Mower on it for just over $12,000. Now I can get a brand new 2013 from my dealer also with the 54" Belly Mower for $14,600. What is up, am I just talking to the wrong people and looking in the wrong places or is this simply acceptable for a used machine?

Also I am well aware that tractors hold their value extremely well but to me it just isn't worth it. I would rather pay the extra two-thousand and get a Factory New machine with both warranty and the sixty month financing. It is one hard deal to beat even with a machine in good working order for the price. By the way I couldn't get him to budge from his price. I offered him $9,500 to drive away with it that day and he was done talking right there, as was I because of the price difference we were at. Also I got the quote from my dealer over the phone and he did say he could not go any lower than that, but I bet if I was sitting there on the other side of his desk he would have more room to bargain.

So what is it that I am not seeing with used equipment? Please enlighten me almighty ones.
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