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2320 62d2 Mower deck mounting.

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Ok, I can't be the only guy thats trying do mount a 62d2 mower deck on my 2320. I found this mower and bagger combo for a nice price but now I have to mount it. Has anyone figured out whats needed for this retro fit.
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I posted this in another forum last week for you.
The two on the left are the 2320.
As Chris stated,they are pretty much the same deck,except for the gearboxes,and drive over ramps.
A perfect situation,you should only need the MMM linkage for your machine.



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I did more searching (Google is your friend). Evidently,the 62D1 and the 62D2 are different.They have the same part number,but the placement of some of the critical parts is different. The 2320 and the 2520 have different widths,so the drive over ramps will be an issue. The driveshafts are different lengths also. Heck,the placement of the gearbox may be an issue too! This "kitbash" may be more trouble than it's worth. The initial "nice price" may cost you more in the long run.
My .02,sell it and get the proper deck for your machine.

Since the deck bodies are the same, it can be done.
Chris,that is all that is the same. Look at my previous post. Now this is what I've been reading,not my own observations.

Greg, read my first post above where I stated the other differences that I found.
My point to Randy was that since both decks were starting from the same base, it could be made to work. It will just take more money & parts.
My bad.:flag_of_truce:

I come up with the same drive belt also.
Yelbike,I'm pretty sure the belts have different part numbers.

Hi Yelbike,

On the JD Parts website.:good2:

The 2320 62D1 MMM belt is M138583................The 2520 62D2 MMM belt is M141627.

If you haven't been to JD Parts yet,I suggest to use Kennyd's tutorial on how to navigate that site. It is an awesome place to get all your parts information.

1 - 6 of 18 Posts
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