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2320 or 2520?

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I am looking to get a new tractor. I currently have a kubota bx 2230. It does everything I need it to, but I would like a bigger tractor. I originaly started looking at kubotas than i stopped at the local deere dealer and I really like the 2320. It feels very comfortable and is very well built. I will getting a fel and a mmm. It will be used mainly to cut the grass (2 acres), push snow, and move some dirt and gravel from time to time. I just worry if the 2320 will have enough power. The dealer has a 2320 on there lot and they said it would be August before they would have a 2520. Should I wait or would the 2320 work good for what I need it for?
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Bigger IS NOT always better, Just sayin!
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